Ale Senso - LA FAME

Ale Senso is an Italian street artist whose work has enhanced the walls of many European cities.  Currently, Ale is based in Berlin and will exhibit her work at Gallery Nomad in a solo show, LA FAME, in May.

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Jürgen Gässler And His Freaky Doll Sculpture Art

Jürgen Gässler is a german artist who creates bizarre but fascinating sculptures of old doll parts combining with scrap pieces like old wood boxes, broken mirrors or anything else he can find and use for his ideas. His art pieces has a strong statement. We wont to know more about his story.


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BAEL – "She"

Gallery Nomad will show the works of the English artist BAEL in the solo show "SHE" in Berlin. To learn more about the artist and his background we asked him some questions.

Nomad: You are a self-taught artist. Was it difficult to advance your career without a classic art education? Please tell me why you decided to work as an artist.

BAEL: Drawing was my escape as a child, I was extremely shy, and so the praise I received for my drawings started my love of art and my determination to create.  After I left school at 16, I briefly attended Art College for 2 years (dropping out twice), but I never progressed to university. The reason I was disappointed with Art College, was because they did not teach even basic techniques of drawing or painting. So I believe that my style is a direct result of teaching myself. 

In 2009, I decided to start sending my work to galleries for consideration. I must have sent hundreds of emails over the years and did not receive any responses.  Eventually, I was contacted by Signal Gallery in London, they took me on when I was a completely unknown artist from the North of England, with no real art education. They showed one of my works in a group show and the piece had a lot of interest and sold quickly, they eventually gave me 3 solo exhibitions in the 4 years I was represented by them.

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Vaughn Bénéteau - Body Mechanic

Painter Vaughn Bénéteau will be exhibiting his series “Body Mechanic” at Gallery Nomad in Berlin. The artist was born in 1968 in the small French hamlet of River Canard in Ontario, Canada. He found his predisposition as a Graphic Designer, instructing himself in all manners artistic. His 35 years of experience have led him to experiment with a multitude of different media: Oil, Bic pen, acrylic, charcoal, Posca. He stricktly paints from emotions.

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Woman´s Day action

March 8th is International Women’s Day. A day which celebrates the social, political, economic and cultural achievements of women around the world. 

In honor of this day, we asked international emerging contemporary female artists how they see their position in today’s society and what kind of influence they think they have on it through their art. Each day, during the week of International Women’s Day, we will share the work of one of these talented female artists and reveal their response.

Kaori Nagata brasilian painter

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Yosman Botero´s Monstrualia

Yosman Botero is a young Colombian artist living and working in Barcelona, Spain. He works in various mediums but will exhibit his breathtaking holographic images on glass plates for the first time in Germany at the Berlin based Gallery Nomad. In light of his upcoming show, Gallery Nomad has asked him to tell us more about his work, life and sources of inspiration.

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Ivan Prieto´s "weird characters" made of emotions

Ivan Prieto is a Spanish artist currently based in a small town in the Galician region located in the North western tip of Spain. Ivan creates intensely crafted, glossy, surrealistic sculptures inspired by his life experiences. We wanted to know more about the background of his work.

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